Dr. Raymond Duong Introduces Groundbreaking and
Completely Non-Invasive Treatment for Incontinence in Women

Dr. Duong announces the introduction of a first of its kind treatment, BTL EMSELLA™ - the only device available to target a woman’s entire pelvic floor region for the treatment of incontinence. This unique technology revolutionizes the women’s intimate health and wellness category by providing those suffering from incontinence with a completely non-invasive option. The “chair” design of the device itself allows women to remain fully clothed for treatment, with no pain or downtime, so patients can walk out immediately following treatment.

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Affects millions of people. All by sitting in a chair. This chair is reportedly treating urinary incontinence. Euro gynecologist Dr. Ron Allen Syed joins us to explain with his guests kitty and Nancy, exactly what's going on. So Dr. Allen saw number one, does this really work? And how the heck is it working?

Well, this is a revolutionary revolutionary procedure that really does work and help patients. It's an FDA approved device that uses electromagnetic waves and focuses it onto the woman's pelvis and gives over 12,000 contractions in about 28 minutes.

So doc, you're talking about 12,000 key goals 12 and I'm just wondering ladies, how does this feel cuz I imagine it must be pretty intense to sit there. Many feels really good. It feels almost like an orgasm. Oh, you are winning not only stalking.

I know right? Women are gonna come to you and like I don't have I don't have incontinence. But um, I heard you have this chair that does something else too. As a side effect. I would like to sit on the chair, please.

But Dr. Ensenada This is a very serious issue. So that being said, I mean, a lot of women suffer from this. Explain to us how it helps. Well, what I have the combination. I did two. I did. The FDA has approved that for urinary incontinence that can be both the stress incontinence type, the one where you leak when you cough, sneeze and jump. And it's also FDA approved for the kind where you get the urge the frequency feeling like you have to pee all the time, every hour, every half hour, you can't finish a movie, you can't go on a long airplane flight. So it's approved for that for both types of incontinence. And it also does help those people who don't have that sensation to pee and their bladder gets over full. That's called overflow incontinence and it helps those type of patients too. So this we affectionately called the PP chair because it will help those with PP problems.

Said I'm just curious is this procedure covered by insurance And I do love that you said it's FDA approved. I also really like that you're hitting three big categories. When it comes to types of incontinence, I would really be excited to see larger studies where we're looking at even more women and looking at those long term benefits. So I think this is really exciting. It's a great option. And hopefully we can continue to evolve and kind of nurture the whole process. And maybe we'll come up with something that's long term that's just as convenient.

Many studies are currently out there. Examining the long term effects of this device. This device is not new. This technology has been around for over a decade, except now we have stronger magnets we have smarter software, and I believe this is going to stay in the field of OB GYN and Urology. But

Yeah, and encourage our viewers at home I would I would emphasize this since this relies on magnets. Please make sure to tell your doctor if you have any metal implants as well because that could be very dangerous.

Dr. Alan Saad technology is crazy interesting. And guest, Kitty and Nancy, thanks for coming and best of luck. Stay tuned. Do you want to miss what's coming up next? Coming up

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our patients the BTL EMSELLA treatment as it offers maximum results with no surgery needed,” shared Dr. Duong. “This is truly revolutionary as up until now, invasive treatments have been the only option to effectively address these serious issues, so we’re delighted to finally have an efficacious treatment solution that is truly non-invasive.”

The Facts About Life

Up to 23% of women take time off work because of their incontinence. Women with severe urinary incontinence pay $900 annually for incontinence routine care.

The Facts About Pleasure

According to the NAFC, 54% of women with undiagnosed incontinence report loss of confidence with 45% reporting a loss of intimacy.

Between 25–50% of women with urinary incontinence experience sexual dysfunction.

The Facts About Fitness

More than a third of women between 45 and 50 avoid athletic activities out of fear of an incontinence episode.

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New BTL EMSELLA™ offering makes treating incontinence as easy as sitting in a chair




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Before treatment, during treatment, after treatment

Pelvic floor muscles insufficiently support pelvic organs and affect bladder control.

BTL EMSELLA™ effectively stimulates pelvic floor muscles via thousands of contractions.

Stimulation leads to regained control over pelvic floor muscles and bladder.

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